1296-G E Plumb Ln, Reno, NV - HOURS: M-F 10:30-6; SAT 12-4; SUN Closed - 775-870-9727

Water for Burning Man

Stay well hydrated on the Playa with a 15, 30 or 55 Gallon Drum of Purified or Alkaline Drinking Water. RV's can fill up with tap, Purified, or Alkaline Drinking Water in the back of the store. Just pull up in the parking lot out back and come inside.

Extended Hours for Burning Man 2019:
Saturday, 8/17: 10:30am - 6pm
Monday, 8/19 - Tuesday, 8/20: 10am - 7pm
Wednesday, 8/21 - Saturday, 8/24: 9am – 9pm
Sunday, 8/25: noon - 4pm
Closed Sept 2 for Labor Day

How Much Water?

Bring at least 1.5 gallons of water per person per day while at Black Rock. To have enough water for the entire event you should bring at minimum:

One 15 Gallon Drum for one person
One 30 Gallon Drum for two people
One 55 Gallon Drum for four people
Three 5 Gallon Water Bottles per person

You may want to bring more water for cooking, washing, and bathing.

Drum purchase includes a Purified Water fill. Upgrade to Alkaline Water for an additional fee of $1.00 per gallon.

RV's Welcome

RV & Large Container Fills Welcome! Tap, Purified, or Alkaline Drinking Water are available in the back of the store. Just pull up in the parking lot out back and come inside.

Tap Water: $0.20 / gallon
Purified Water: $0.50 / gallon
Alkaline Water: $1.50 / gallon

Check out www.burningman.org to read about RV’s and water usage.

Bottle Fills

We have 8 water bottle fill stations and 2 bottle sanitizers in-store. Bring your own water bottles and fill them with Alkaline or Purified Water.

Or purchase a container at our store and get your first fill free. We carry:

.5, 1, 2, 3 and 5 gallon BPA-Free plastic and glass refillable bottles

Travel sports bottles from S’well, Hydro Flask, Elevated Glass, and more also available.

Our Location

We are conveniently located in the Airport Square Shopping Center on Plumb Lane, in the same shopping center as the Reno Costco.

1296 E Plumb Ln
Suite G
Reno, NV 89502


Cancellation Policy

Pre-ordered bottles and drums are eligible for a full refund until August 12, when we make our inventory order for the event. Unfortunately, cancellations after August 12 can not be refunded.

Planning for Pickup

  • Water is 8lbs per gallon. Be sure your vehicle can handle the weight!
  • 30 gal drums are 20x20x31 inches. 55 gallon drums are 24x24x35 inches.
  • We will load empty drums into your vehicle and fill with a hose. Filling takes roughly 1 minute per 10 gallons.
  • Water bottles are 40lbs each. We will prefill pre-ordered bottles ahead of time for rapid pickup.

24 Hour Vending

Fill up your own bottles any time, day or night, at our 24/7 self-serve water vending machine located in front of our store. Purified and Alkaline Drinking Water available. Fits 1, 2, 3 or 5 Gallon bottles. Cash ($1’s and $5’s) and coins only.