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Delivery Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Blue Dot Water

We are delighted that you have chosen to support our locally owned and Operated Nevada business! Here are a few things to know about your new water delivery service:

North Valleys, Northwest Reno: Monday
Sparks, Spanish Springs, Sun Valley: Tuesday
Southeast Reno, Damonte Ranch: Wednesday
South Meadows, Washoe Valley, Carson City: Thursday
Southwest Reno to McCarran, Caughlin Ranch: Friday

DELIVERY DAY: Please leave your empty bottles out for our driver on delivery day. We do not carry extra bottles of water in the van, so please call or email us at least 24-hours in advance to adjust quantity or frequency, or if you’re overloaded and need to skip. Deliveries refused on-site will be assessed a $10 fee.

MINIMUM DELIVERY REQUIREMENT: There is a 10 gallon minimum order per single delivery.

SPECIAL DELIVERY TRIPS: Special deliveries to Reno or Sparks on days that fall outside of our normal delivery schedule (see above) may be requested for an additional $10 trip fee. We will do our best to accommodate, barring unavoidable scheduling conflicts.

Special trips to Carson City are not available.

BOTTLE RETURN: To keep costs low for our clients, we do not charge a bottle deposit. In order to sustain this policy, it is important that you always leave your empty bottles out for pickup on delivery day, and that you avoid getting overloaded with water. Emailed invoices are a handy reminder to leave bottles out the following morning for the driver.

In the event that you do not place your empties out for pickup, we will first leave a reminder card with your delivery. The reminder card briefly outlines our bottle deposit policy and provides our phone number in case you are overloaded and need to adjust or skip a delivery. Subsequent consecutive non-return of bottles, or a large buildup of unreturned bottles, will be automatically assessed a temporary, refundable deposit of $10 per bottle. This fee lets us purchase replacements for the bottles that are out of regular circulation.

You may opt to keep emergency water on hand indefinitely for an up-front deposit.

BOTTLE USE & REPLACEMENT: Please do not place any foreign substances in your delivery bottles, edible or otherwise. Damaged, contaminated, or missing bottles are subject to a replacement fee of $10 per bottle. Minor scratches and scuffs are considered normal wear. Please leave broken bottles out with your other empties for recycling.

IMPORTANT: BPA-free bottles are glass-like and very fragile! Please gently lift, handle, and set them down with care.

PAYMENT: Your account is billed the day before delivery, and will automatically be paused for non-payment.

CANCELLATION: You may cancel your service at any time. A temporary holding fee of $10 per bottle will be applied to your account for any bottles in your possession at the time of cancellation. This fee is entirely refundable on return.

Feel free to contact us with any questions and we’ll be happy to assist you. We look forward to serving you!

Chris & Christina - Blue Dot Water