How Delivery Works

Understanding how delivery works will help you to enjoy your new delivery service and avoid surprises. We are committed to your satisfaction and enjoyment of our products, so please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. Welcome!

How Delivery Works

Welcome! Blue Dot Water is a locally owned and operated water delivery service, specializing in Alkaline and Purified Drinking Water. Our water is sourced from the local municipality, and filtered in-house in Reno, Nevada. We are delighted that you have chosen to get our ultra clean and delicious water delivered to your home or business.


When you purchase water delivery service you’ll receive repeat deliveries. These are based on the quantity of bottles and delivery frequency that you select, and your delivery day will be based on your location.

Your payment details will be stored securely, and you’ll be charged for each of these deliveries in advance. Your service will auto-renew after each delivery. If you don’t want to continue your service, or if you need to skip or alter your order, you can cancel or change it at any time by contacting us at least one day in advance of your next delivery.

Our minimum for order is 10 gallons per delivery.

Delivery Day
What happens on delivery day

Our driver will typically arrive at your location typically between the hours of 9am – 5pm, but this can vary during Holiday periods or other unusual circumstances, so it’s best to leave your bottles out for pickup as early as possible on the morning of your delivery.

Please leave your empty bottles in the location where you would like your full bottles delivered. If you forget to leave your bottles out, you may be charged a deposit fee (see below).

Ensure safe access is available for the driver, including: clear/salted pathways; animals restrained, gates and other entryways unbarred, etc. Our driver may, at his or her own discretion, bring your bottles into your house or office for you if requested, so please feel free to ask.

Order Adjustments
Making changes to your order

You are welcome to change your bottle quantity and/or delivery frequency, skip a future delivery, or place your account on temporary hold. There is no fee for doing so, provided you contact us at least a day in advance, and return all bottles on hand before an extended hold to avoid a deposit:

  • In order to ensure that you get the water you need, or avoid the water you don’t need, please call at least 24-hours in advance to make changes to your order.
  • Our drivers do not carry extra bottles in their vehicles, and in most cases, will not be able to provide additional water on-site.
  • Refusing delivery on site will result in a $10 fee to cover our time and expenses.
  • For health and safety reasons, once delivery has been made, we cannot accept return of any sealed or unsealed bottles of water for a refund.

Placing Your Account on Hold

We recommend placing your account on hold if you get overloaded. If you will be on hold for more than 30 days, a bottle deposit will be charged for any bottles in your possession, so you may wish to return all bottles you have on hand before extended holds.

Bottle Deposit fees are retroactive. They may show up on your bill later than you expect if you disappear without notice for an extended period of time with bottles still in your possession.

Special Deliveries

Special deliveries to Reno or Sparks on days that fall outside of our normal delivery schedule are available for an additional $10 trip fee. We will do our best to accommodate, barring unavoidable scheduling conflicts.

Special trips to Carson City are not available.

Bottle Deposits – IMPORTANT!

Unlike most delivery companies, who charge bottle deposits automatically before every delivery, we only charge them retroactively if you get a buildup of bottles. This gives you the opportunity to avoid deposit fees altogether if you always leave your empty bottles out for pickup on delivery day, and skip deliveries or adjust frequency/quantity to avoid getting overloaded.

When deposits are charged:

Deposits are charged retroactively, immediately after delivery, when empty bottles from previous deliveries are not returned. We also charge deposits for bottles that are out in the field for an extended period of time, such as accounts that are placed on hold, or repeatedly skipped over the course of several months. These deposits allow us to purchase new bottles to replace those that are out of delivery circulation.

Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to send you a warning ahead of time when a deposit fee is imminent. The fees are assessed after delivery has already been completed, when the opportunity to avoid the fee (by returning your bottles) has already passed. It may help to think of deposits as included fees that should have already been charged, but instead have been temporarily delayed until after delivery. While most companies always charge deposits ahead of time as part of regular service billing, we give you the opportunity to have them waived. This policy helps you avoid additional fees, and helps us avoid costly bank fees for recurring charges and refunds, so we can pass those savings on to you.

We will charge a deposit under the following circumstances:

  • If you forget to leave your bottles out for pickup.
  • If you return less bottles than you received, and your bottle count starts to rise.
  • If your account is on prolonged or indefinite hold, or repeatedly skipped multiple months in a row, with bottles still in your possession.
  • If you are on Infrequent (5 weeks or more) or Will-Call service.

Policy details and tips:

  • Emailed invoices are a handy reminder that we will be arriving with your bottles the following day, so you can place your bottles out for pickup.
  • Our bottle deposit fee is $10 per bottle, subject to change based on our bottle cost.
  • Bottle deposits, once charged, remain on your account until you cancel your service. They serve as a floating deposit, covering the ups and downs of your bottle count. Additional deposits are charged as needed to account for increases in total bottle count at your location.
  • Upon cancellation, bottle deposits are entirely refundable once your bottles are returned in good condition. Bottles must be returned within 30 days of account cancellation.
  • If you are overloaded with water, please call or email us to skip a delivery or adjust quantity/frequency. This will help you avoid deposits.
  • You are welcome to keep extra emergency water on hand during your service with a bottle deposit.
  • If you need to place your account on hold for a prolonged or indefinite period of time, we recommend returning all your delivery bottles first to avoid deposit fees.
  • We may leave a reminder card on your bottles when you forget to leave bottles out, as a reminder of our deposit fee policy.

The deposit policy in practice:

Everyone forgets to leave their bottles out now and then, and isolated non-returns for accounts in good standing are rarely assessed a deposit. They are typically applied in situations where bottle count continuously rises over the course of multiple deliveries, or when bottles are out for an extended period of time. This depletes the bottle inventory necessary for us to provide service to our other customers, which requires that we replace your bottles with new bottles.

Deposits may also occur for accounts with a history of repeated non-returns, or brand new accounts that immediately fail to return bottles. Avoiding overload, and returning bottles regularly or before a prolonged hold will help to avoid these fees.

Bottle Replacement
What happens if you break or lose a bottle

We use a variety of BPA-free bottles. Some of these bottles (Polycarbonate #7) are not like bottles used by other delivery companies, and are remarkably fragile. You can identify them by the #7 recycle symbol on their bottoms, and by their very smooth rigid appearance. But to be safe, we recommend you gently lift, handle, and set all bottles down with care.

Do not place any substances in your delivery bottles, edible or otherwise – they are for water only. Damaged, contaminated, stolen, or otherwise missing/lost bottles are the customer’s responsibility, and are subject to a replacement fee of $10 per bottle. Minor scratches and scuffs are considered normal wear.

Please leave broken bottles out with your other empties so we can remove them from your bottle count and recycle them.

Bottle Pickup

Empty bottles are typically only picked up during normal water delivery service, although we will make an exception if you are located in the same neighborhood as another customer already on the schedule. Otherwise, scheduling a bottle pickup without water delivery will be assessed a Special Trip fee of $10 to cover our time and gas.

Interrupted Service
Why your delivery may not arrive

Under some circumstances, our driver may not be able to complete a delivery. We will automatically retry delivery again on your next normally scheduled delivery day. If you need delivery sooner, contact us and we will add you to our next regular route for your area, which will typically be the same day on the following week. Repeated or negligent access issues that prevent delivery may result in a fee assessed to your account to cover our delivery expenses. Common issues include:

  • No Access due to construction, locked office doors, locked community gates, dangerous/icy passageways or animals, etc. 
  • Declined credit card/non payment. Your delivery will automatically be skipped for non-payment. 
  • Overloaded with water. If our driver has access to your water bottles and can monitor your bottle load, we may choose to skip your next delivery if you are getting very overloaded. This is intended to help you avoid deposit fees, and many of our customers appreciate this service. However, if you prefer that we not do this, and wish to keep the extra bottles on hand, just let us know. You can always pay a deposit for extra stock.
  • Refused. If someone at the location refuses the delivery, there will be a fee assessed to your account for the trip. Please call ahead to skip your delivery if you are overloaded.
  • Force Majeure.


Your account is automatically billed to the credit card on file the day before delivery. A credit card is required for service.

In the event of non-payment due to a declined credit card, you will be notified by email the day before delivery, and your service will automatically be paused. To avoid service interruption, please update your payment information online, or contact us with a new card at 775-870-9727. For your safety, please do not email credit card numbers.

Holds or Cancels
Cancelling or placing your account on hold

You may place your account on hold at any time. Holds exceeding 30 days will be charged a $10 refundable deposit for each bottle on hand. To avoid these fees, we recommend returning your bottles while on hold.

You may cancel your service at any time. A temporary holding fee of $10 per bottle will be applied to your account for any bottles in your possession at the time of cancellation. This fee is entirely refundable on return of bottles in good condition within 30 days of cancellation.

Access to Property

By signing up for service, you agree that our representatives may enter your property for the purposes of performing delivery, installation of products, bottle or equipment pickup, and/or otherwise administering your delivery account. We will perform these services in a speedy, cautious, and respectful manner.

Communication About Your Account

Email is our primary method of communication. You must have an email address in order to signup for service, and to receive your receipts and important communications about your account. The latter may include Holidays affecting your delivery schedule, impending fees, declined credit cards, major changes to our policies, etc. We never send promotional emails or other spam, so please read our emails, and add us to your Whitelist if possible!