1296-G E Plumb Ln, Reno, NV - HOURS: M-F 10:30-6; SAT 12-4; SUN Closed - 775-870-9727

Delivery Terms & Conditions

You, the Account Owner, are contracting with Blue Dot Water for delivery services. To avoid unexpected fees or confusion, please carefully read the following terms of your account. These terms may be updated periodically without notice:

North Valleys, Northwest Reno: Monday
Spanish Springs, Sparks: Tuesday
Southeast Reno, Damonte Ranch: Wednesday
South Meadows, Carson City: Thursday
Southwest Reno: Friday

DELIVERY DAY: On delivery day, please leave your empty bottles out for our driver. We will deliver the quantity of water specified in your order. We do not alter delivery based on the amount of empty bottles you leave out, so please contact us in advance if you need to make changes.

MINIMUM DELIVERY REQUIREMENT: There is a 10 Gallon minimum water order for delivery.

ORDER MODIFICATION: You may modify or skip your delivery as needed. Please let us know by calling 775-870-9727 at least 24 hours before delivery. Deliveries refused on site will be subject to a $10 fee.

BOTTLE RETURN: To keep costs low for our clients, we do not charge a bottle deposit. In order to maintain this policy, it is important that you always leave your empty bottles out for pickup on delivery day so they stay in rotation. If you are getting overloaded with water, call us to request a skip. In the event of a large buildup of bottles due to repeated non-returns, we will first attempt to remind you with note cards attached to your bottles. Continued failure to return bottles will be assessed a fee of $10 per bottle, refundable upon return. Your emailed invoices are a handy reminder to leave bottles out.

EMERGENCY WATER: Emergency water is available at our normal delivery rate plus a $10 deposit per bottle. We suggest replacing stored water every 6-12 months.

BOTTLE USE & REPLACEMENT: Bottles are intended for delivered water only. Do not place any foreign substances in them, edible or otherwise. When finished with water, replace cap and set aside for pickup. Damaged, contaminated, or missing bottles are subject to a replacement fee of $10 per bottle. Minor scratches and scuffs are considered normal wear.

BPA-free bottles are surprisingly fragile! Extra care should be taken when handling them.

TOWER MAINTENANCE: Dispensers must be cleaned every 3-6 months to maintain water cleanliness, and to keep your tower in proper working condition. http://www.google.com/search?q=Cleaning+water+dispenser

Towers damaged through customer negligence are subject to a replacement fee equal to the full retail value of the unit. Blue Dot Water may not be held liable for damage to property resulting from leaks or other unit malfunction. We recommend you protect your floors and locate your tower away from important or expensive items.

PAYMENT: Blue Dot Water will automatically bill your credit card on file the day before each delivery. We reserve the right to refuse delivery without warning upon consecutive non-payment.

CANCELLATION: This is a month-to-month service agreement. You may cancel at any time by phone or email. Bottles and/or towers must be returned to our store within 30 days of cancellation. Unreturned bottles are charged $10 per bottle. Unreturned towers are charged at full retail value.

Chris & Christina - Blue Dot Water