How Delivery Works

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How Delivery Works

Blue Dot Water is a locally owned and operated water delivery service, specializing in Alkaline and Purified Drinking Water. Our water is sourced from the local municipality, and then filtered in-house in Reno, Nevada.


When you purchase water delivery service you’ll receive repeat deliveries. These are based on the quantity of bottles and delivery frequency that you select, and your delivery day will be based on your location.

Your payment details will be stored securely, and you’ll be charged for each of these deliveries in advance. Your service will auto-renew after each delivery. If you don’t want to continue your service, or if you need to skip or alter your order, you can cancel or change it at any time.

You will pay an initial Bottle Deposit based on the amount of bottles you order. A Bottle Deposit is retained for as long as you have bottles at your location.

Please read on to find out more details about how delivery works.

How Delivery Service Works

Minimum of 10 gallons per delivery

Our minimum for delivery is 10 gallons, which is two 5-gallon or four 3-gallon bottles per delivery. If weight is a concern, we recommend 3-gallon bottles, which are 24 pounds. If space is a concern, you only need two 5-gallon bottles to reach the minimum.

When to expect your deliveries

Your delivery day is based on your location. We are in each area once per week. We will deliver your first order at the soonest normally scheduled day for your area, which may be the following week.

We deliver to the following areas:

Monday: Northwest Reno (north of I-80), North Valleys, Cold Springs, Verdi
Tuesday: Sparks (north of I-80), Spanish Springs, Sun Valley
Wednesday: Southeast Reno (east of I-580), Damonte Ranch, Hidden Valley, Huffaker Park, Virginia Foothills
Thursday: Carson City, Mound House, Washoe Valley, South Meadows (west of I-580, south of Bartley Ranch), Galena
Friday: Southwest Reno (south of I-80, north of Bartley Ranch), Caughlin Ranch, Midtown, Downtown

Our expected delivery window is between 9am – 5pm, Monday – Friday, except on Holidays. If your order has not arrived by 5pm on your delivery day, please feel free to contact us.

Offices: Although we can’t guarantee to arrive at a specific location at a particular time, we will always do our best to accommodate your time window whenever possible, so do please let us know your office hours.

BPA-free bottles and water dispensers

We deliver in BPA-Free plastic bottles, available in 3 or 5 gallon sizes. These bottles are reusable and recyclable, so they never end up in the landfill.

We sell ceramic crocks and wooden stands for dispensing water, which we will bring with your first delivery. Hot/Cold dispensers, if desired, must be purchased separately from another company. Note that these will neutralize the alkalinity in Alkaline Water.

What happens on delivery day

Our driver will arrive at your location typically between the hours of 9am – 5pm, but Holidays and other busy seasons may alter this window. We recommend leaving your bottles out for pickup early on the morning of your delivery so you don’t miss us. Please leave your empty bottles in the location where you would like your full bottles delivered.

If you forget to leave your bottles out, causing your bottle count to rise above your Bottle Deposit, you may be charged a Supplemental Deposit (see below).

Ensure safe access is available for the driver, including: shoveled and/or salted pathways during winter; animals restrained; gates and other entryways unbarred; etc. Upon request, our driver may choose (at his or her own discretion) to bring your bottles into your house or office for you, so please feel free to ask.

Making changes to your order

You are welcome to change your bottle quantity and/or delivery frequency, skip a delivery, or suspend service at any time. Please notify us of order changes at least 48 hours in advance, so that we may better serve you. This gives us the opportunity to:

  • Adjust the auto-billing system before it charges your account.
  • Prep your order in time for delivery day.
  • Bring enough bottles with us, so you do not run out of water.
  • Avoid a wasted trip if you don’t need water, which will also avoid the following:
    • Refusing delivery on-site will result in a $20 fee to cover our time and expenses.
    • For health and safety reasons, we cannot refund unused bottles of water after they have left our possession, even if they are still sealed.

If you notify us of a skip after your account has already been charged, your fee will be applied to your next delivery, or to a Supplemental Deposit, whichever is more appropriate for your situation.

Ordering a Special Delivery

Special deliveries to Reno or Sparks that fall outside of our normal delivery schedule may be available for an additional $20 trip fee. We will do our best to accommodate, barring unavoidable scheduling conflicts.

Special trips in excess of a 10 mile radius from our facility are not available.

Bottle Deposits and Supplemental Deposits

We charge an initial Bottle Deposit based on the amount of bottles you order when you first signup. This deposit is retained for as long as you have bottles at your location. If you exceed the amount of bottles covered by your Bottle Deposit, you will be charged a Supplemental Deposit to cover whatever additional bottles you have collected.

We use this method instead of the more common and costly method of charging and refunding your deposits with every delivery. You may avoid paying Supplemental Deposits by always remembering to leave all your empty bottles out on delivery day, and skipping delivery if you are getting overloaded.

Emailed receipts are a handy reminder that we will be arriving with your bottles the following day, so you can place your bottles out for pickup.

How much is the Bottle Deposit?

Our bottle deposit is $10 per bottle, subject to change based on our bottle cost.

When will you get your Bottle Deposit returned?

If you currently have active service, and your total deposit exceeds the amount of bottles at your location, you may request a credit. This credit will be applied to your account for future deliveries. However, if a credit is applied to a future delivery, but then your bottle total increases again before the credited delivery is executed, then the credit will be reapplied to your bottle deposit instead.

Upon cancellation, Bottle Deposits are refunded once your bottles are returned in good condition within 30 days of account cancellation.

Deposits on old bottles that have been out of circulation for more than a year cannot be refunded, as these bottles will be recycled. Thank you for your understanding.

Burning Man

For the health and safety of all our customers, delivery bottles that have been taken out to Burning Man will be automatically recycled, and the deposit forfeit.

What happens if you break, contaminate, or lose a bottle

We use a variety of BPA-free bottles, some of which are very fragile. We recommend you gently lift, handle, and set all bottles down with care.

Delivery bottles are for water only, and may not be used for any other substances, edible or otherwise. We recommend covering your empty bottles with their lids once emptied, and storing them indoors away from freezing/hot weather and debris. This will help protect them from expanding and cracking in extreme weather, or getting contaminated. Damaged, contaminated, stolen, or otherwise missing/lost bottles are the customer’s responsibility, and are subject to a replacement fee of $10 per bottle. Minor scratches and scuffs are considered normal wear.

Please leave broken/contaminated bottles out with your other empties, and clearly mark them, so we may remove them from your bottle count and recycle them.

Special Note for Burning Man
For the health and safety of all our customers, delivery bottles may not be taken to Burning Man. Doing so will result in a Bottle Replacement Fee charged to your account, and the bottles will be recycled.

Why your delivery may not arrive

Our driver may not be able to complete a delivery if they encounter physical impediments such as blocked roads, dangerous/icy passageways, or unrestrained animals. We may also choose to skip your delivery if we feel that leaving bottles unattended outside an office or business for an extended period of time (such as during a Holiday) would risk theft and bottle replacement fees. However, if you prefer to always have your bottles delivered regardless of locked doors, please let us know, and we will make a special note on your account. Should we be unable to complete your delivery for any of the above reasons, we will automatically retry delivery again the next week, on the normal delivery day for your area. If you need delivery sooner, contact us and we can arrange for a special delivery for an additional fee.

In the event of non-payment due to a declined credit card, you will be notified by email the day before delivery, and your service will automatically be paused. To avoid service interruption, please update your payment information online, or contact us with a new card at 775-870-9727. For your safety, please do not email credit card numbers.

If our driver has access to your water bottles and can monitor your bottle load, we may choose to skip your next delivery if you are getting overloaded. This is intended to help you avoid Supplemental Deposit fees, and many of our customers appreciate this service. However, if you prefer that we not do this, just let us know.

If someone at the location refuses the delivery, a trip fee of $20 will be assessed to your account to cover our expenses. Please call ahead to skip your delivery if you are overloaded.

When and How you are Charged for Service

Your account is automatically billed to the credit card on file the day before delivery. You will be emailed a reminder in advance so that you may skip or otherwise adjust upcoming deliveries before you are charged. You are welcome to skip or adjust after you are charged as well, but your fee will be applied as a credit to your account.

Cancelling or placing your account on hold

You may place your account on hold at any time. Holds exceeding 30 days may be charged a Supplemental Deposit for any bottles not already covered.

You may cancel your service at any time. A Bottle Deposit will be applied to your account for each bottle not already covered. This fee is entirely refundable on return of bottles in good condition within 30 days of cancellation.

By signing up for service, you agree that our representatives may enter your property for the purposes of performing delivery, installation of products, bottle or equipment pickup, and/or otherwise administering your delivery account. We will perform these services in a speedy, cautious, and respectful manner.

Email is our primary method of communication. You must have an email address in order to signup for service, and to receive your receipts and important communications about your account. The latter may include Holidays affecting your delivery schedule, impending fees, declined credit cards, major changes to our policies, etc. We never send promotional emails or other spam, so please read our emails, and add us to your Whitelist if possible.

Last Updated 3/21/23

At a Glance

Delivery Pricing

$2.50 per gallon
Alkaline or Purified Drinking Water

Minimum Order:

10 gallons

Bottle Deposit Fees

$10 per Bottle

Full Bottle Weight

3-gallon bottle: 24 lbs
5-gallon bottle: 40 lbs

Delivery Areas

Mon: North Valleys, Northwest Reno
Tue: Sparks, Spanish Springs
Wed: Southeast Reno, Damonte Ranch
Thu: South Meadows, Carson City
Fri: Southwest Reno, Caughlin Ranch

Delivery Holidays

New Year’s Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day & Black Friday
Christmas Day

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