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Purified Drinking Water

State-of-the-art filtration techniques produce exceptionally clean and great tasting water for healthy living.

Purified drinking water is municipal water that has been processed through a series of filtration techniques to remove chemicals, bacteria, heavy metals and other pollutants.

Our water is superior in flavor, purity and value compared to big brand bottled water and self-fill vending systems at supermarkets.

Reverse Osmosis

Our purified water is created using Reverse Osmosis. This process forces water through a semi-permeable membrane that isolates pure water from dissolved and solid impurities.

Following purification, the water is exposed to ozone which preserves and oxygenates it prior to bottling.

Health Benefits

Drinking purified water is associated with maintaining optimal health for many reasons.  One of the most important is to expedite the removal of built up toxins in the body.  In a world where we are surrounded by artificial and increasingly toxic environments it is critical that our bodies are able to flush out this stuff.

Studies have shown that the water purification process is effective at killing bacteria and viruses such as E. coli and listeria, and at removing other unwanted impurities like chlorine commonly found in tap water.

More Benefits

Bicycle accessoriesBetter Hydration

There are many health benefits associated with drinking plenty of water. Maintaining hydration is especially important in hot, dry climates and while exercising.

Woman Drinking WaterClean, Crisp Taste

Purified water is free of the metallic, plastic and generally unpleasant flavors often found in tap and disposable water sources. Find out how much better our water tastes!

Mother with daughtherSurprisingly Affordable

Our water is produced locally so there is no middle man to drive up costs. We can be less expensive than anyone else in town, and still provide the best water to you and your family.

garbage bagEnvironmentally Friendly

Using refillable BPA-Free Plastic, Glass and Stainless Steel bottles instead of disposable plastic bottles reduces the amount of discarded plastic in our landfills and oceans.

We have a wide selection of refillable bottles available in our store for unbeatable prices.

The Water Purification Process

Removes 99.9% of the impurities normally found in municipal water sources.

Blue Dot Water employs a number of filtration and sanitation techniques to bring you tasty and healthy purified water. We rigorously maintain our state-of-the-art filtration equipment to achieve strict standards of quality and purity. This lets us offer you drinking water that is free of chemicals and compounds that can negatively impact you and your family’s health.

Our 7-Step Purification Process

Aggregate Filter - Removes large particles down to 30 microns
Carbon Filtration - Softens and prepares water for refinement
5-Micron Filter - Removes small particles down to 5 microns
Reverse Osmosis - Separates pure H2O from dissolved solids
Ozonation - Preserves and hyper oxygenates water
Post-Carbon Filtration - Further softens for improved taste
Ultraviolet (UV) Sanitation - Further neutralizes micro-organisms
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We Deliver!

Get Alkaline Drinking Water delivered to your home or office in Reno, Sparks, & Carson City, NV.

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Purified Water Pricing

In-Store Bottle Fill: $0.50/gallon
Delivery: $2.50/gallon

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24-Hour Self-Service

Fill up your bottles any time, day or night, at our 24/7 self-serve water vending machines located in front of our store.

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Alkaline & Purified Drinking Water Delivery

BPA-Free Bottles

We sell BPA-Free Plastic, Glass, and Stainless Steel Refillable Water Bottles at unbeatable prices. First fill always free with purchase!

Premium Purified Bag Ice

Alkaline Ice

We sell 10 lb bags of ice made in-store with our own tasty alkaline water.

RV Fills Available!

Bring your RV or large water drum to the store and we'd be happy to fill it for you.