Water Delivery

Alkaline or Purified Water delivered to your home or office in Reno, Sparks, and Carson City, Nevada

How Does it Work?

Delivery Service

Following is an abbreviated overview of how delivery service works. We are committed to your satisfaction and enjoyment of our products, so please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Our minimum for delivery is 10 gallons. You are welcome to reach this minimum with any combination of 3 or 5 gallon bottles sizes. If weight is an issue, we recommend 3-gallon bottles, which are only 24 pounds. If space is an issue, you only need two 5-gallon bottles to reach the minimum.

The two most common orders for our customers are:
Four 3-gallon bottles (12 total gallons) for $30
Two 5-gallon bottles (10 total gallons) for $25

Your delivery day is based on your location. We will deliver your first order at the soonest normally scheduled day for your area. We are in each area once per week, so you may select a frequency in any convenient week-based increment.

We deliver to the following areas:

Monday: Northwest Reno (north of I-80), North Valleys, Cold Springs, Verdi
Tuesday: Sparks (north of I-80), Spanish Springs, Sun Valley
Wednesday: Southeast Reno (east of I-580), Damonte Ranch, Hidden Valley, Huffaker Park, Virginia Foothills
Thursday: Carson City, Mound House, Washoe Valley, South Meadows (west of I-580, south of Bartley Ranch), Galena
Friday: Southwest Reno (south of I-80, north of Bartley Ranch), Caughlin Ranch, Midtown, Downtown

Our delivery window is between 9am – 5pm, Monday – Friday. Holidays may extend this delivery window.

Although we can’t guarantee that we will be at your office at a particular time, we will always do our best to accommodate your time window whenever possible, so do please let us know your office hours.

We deliver in BPA-Free plastic bottles, available in 3 or 5 gallon sizes. These bottles are reusable and recyclable, so they never end up in the landfill.

Unlike most delivery companies, we do not charge an initial bottle deposit for your first delivery. Instead, we only charge a deposit if you don’t return your empty bottles on delivery days. So it’s possible for you to avoid deposit fees entirely by simply remembering to leave your empty bottles out for pickup, and by skipping deliveries whenever you are overloaded or out of town, which can be a great money saver!

We sell ceramic crocks and electric water pumps for dispensing water, which we will bring with your first delivery.

Your account is automatically billed the day before delivery.

You are under no contractual agreement for any specified length of service, and may cancel your service at any time. A temporary holding fee will be applied to your account for any bottles in your possession at the time of cancellation. This fee is entirely refundable on return.

This is an abbreviated overview of terms. For a complete list, please visit:

At a Glance

Delivery Pricing

$2.50 per gallon
Alkaline or Purified Drinking Water

Minimum Order:

10 gallons

Bottle Deposit Fees

If all bottles are always returned on delivery days. See Terms & Conditions for details.

Full Bottle Weight

3-gallon bottle: 24 lbs
5-gallon bottle: 40 lbs

Delivery Areas

Mon: North Valleys, Northwest Reno
Tue: Sparks, Spanish Springs
Wed: Southeast Reno, Damonte Ranch
Thu: South Meadows, Carson City
Fri: Southwest Reno, Caughlin Ranch

Water Dispensers

We recommend Ceramic Crocks or Electric Pumps for dispensing water.


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