Water for Special Events

Thank you for considering Blue Dot Water for your special event. We are pleased that you have chosen to support our community’s health by providing clean water supplied in reusable jugs, and thereby reducing plastic waste from disposable bottles.

Ordering Details

We provide water to a limited number of special events each year on a first come, first served basis. Service is subject to approval by Blue Dot Water, and may be refused due to scheduling conflicts or other non-serviceable requests.

  • Scheduling: Please fill out the inquiry form below to reserve your spot on our schedule.
    • Provision of full event details, including pickup/delivery date and location, and event pre-approval from Blue Dot Water must be completed at least 2 weeks in advance.
    • Upon pre-approval, an invoice will be emailed to you for payment. Full payment must be received at least 1 week prior to your pickup or delivery date to guarantee a place on our schedule.
  • Water Options: We offer 5-gallon bottles of Purified or Alkaline water for $12.50 each. We do not offer single-use disposable bottles.
  • Dispensers: Complimentary ceramic crocks for dispensing room temperature water are available upon request. We do not supply disposable cups.
  • Equipment Deposit: A $10 deposit is required for each bottle or crock.
    • Placing foreign substances in the bottles or crocks, edible or otherwise (including water supplements or electrolytes), will forfeit your deposit. 
  • Pickup or Delivery: You can choose to pickup the bottles at our facility or have them delivered for an additional fee.
    • Pickup is available during normal business hours from our Reno facility, Monday-Friday between 9am-2pm, major Holidays excluded.
    • Delivery is available within the Reno/Sparks area, with more remote regions and weekends/Holidays considered on a case by case basis. An additional delivery fee applies for deliveries outside city limits, and is based on the event location and day.
  • Equipment Return: Bottles and crocks must be returned to our facility within 3 business days after the event.Bottle pickup is not included with delivery, but may be separately arranged for an additional fee.
  • Water Stations: If you will be setting up self-serve water stations then you may wish to consider the following:
    • Designating a volunteer to switch out the bottles as they are emptied is advisable, but the stations typically do not require constant monitoring. Note that Blue Dot Water staff is not available to work events.
    • Providing towels and sanitizer for your staff in order to clean dispenser valves is highly recommended. 
    • Tables and other surfaces should be sturdy, and/or counterbalanced to prevent overturning. The crock/bottle combo is very heavy at roughly 50lbs each.

Are you a non-profit organization requesting a donation? Please submit a Donation Request.

To request water for your event, please fill out the form below.

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