15 Gallon Water Drum


A large drum is perfect for emergency water storage, for events such as Burning Man, or for use as a rain barrel. Drums are made from HDPE, a highly durable, food-grade, BPA-Free plastic that is the least prone to leaching of all the plastics. It is the preferred plastic for long term water storage.

We will clean and sanitize your drum for you, and have it waiting when you arrive. Drums are loaded into your vehicle and filled in place with a hose. Your choice of Alkaline or Purified Water. Please set aside at least 20 minutes for filling, and longer during Burning Man.

Be sure to get a bung wrench and siphon if you don’t already have one so you can easily serve yourself water straight out of the barrel. This also keeps the water inside clean and protected from dust and debris. PICKUP ONLY